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Up to 50% OFF-2019 Revolutionary carpentry tool
Up to 50% OFF-2019 Revolutionary carpentry tool
Up to 50% OFF-2019 Revolutionary carpentry tool
Up to 50% OFF-2019 Revolutionary carpentry tool

Up to 50% OFF-2019 Revolutionary carpentry tool

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Our Revolutionary carpentry tool combines the features of a combination square: bevel, protractor, digital level, and speed square into one compact and portable tool. The blade can be rotated to the required angle, then extended or retracted to the desired depth before clamping it in position with the BLADE LOCK. The SQUARE LOCK can be engaged to complement a combination square, before locking the blade depth with the BLADE LOCK. The front outer edge features a degree scale, plus a traditional rise/run scale set into the front face. The back is calibrated for hip and valley cuts, featuring angle scales calibrated with each of the front scales.


  • Seat Cuts: Automatically provides precise and repeatable seat cut angles like no other tool available,thanks to our patented design geometry
  • Rafter Layout:Mark repeatable plumb cuts and complete birds-mouths in rafters without adjusting the tool in any way
  • Angle Scales: Mark precise hip and valley rafters for degree pitched roofs using our unique HIP-VAL degree scale. This includes an imperial rise and runs Pitched Roofs
  • Angle Measuring: Mimic a digital spirit level with Revolutionary carpentry and measure the angle of a single surface with precision using its level vials anywhere in-between horizontal and vertical
  • Leveling: Provides vertical, horizontal, and 2D horizontal leveling capability without any adjustment, plus pitch setting capabilities to level up and set a workpiece to any angle between horizontal and vertical using its level vials
  • Angled Depth Marks: Mark plumb cut or seat cut marks repeatably to a specific depth, improving efficiency and working accuracy.
  • And More...

Key Differentiators:

  • Just 1 tool: Convenient, Efficient, and Compact
  • Less Walking: Instantly adjust the tool rather than fetching another
  • Patented design:3 to 5 times more useful than any other design available
  • Cost savings: Brilliant value for money replacing numerous tools with one
  • Simplified education: Easier learning, easier teaching

Use Cases:

  • Roof framing, general timber framing&stairs
  • Fixing carpentry(doors,shelving&Interior fit-outs)
  • Decking&timber flooring
  • Shipwrights(Ship, yacht and boat building)
  • Roof plumbing(Roof sheeting,flashing&guttering)
  • Boiler making
  • Luthiers(Musical instrument making)
  • Metal fabrication&engineering
  • Couturier(Dressmaking and upholstery)


  • Color: silver
  • Material: aluminum + stainless steel
  • Size: 13.77*2.91inch
  • Weight: 203g
  • Measurement Accuracy: 100%

Package includes:

  • 1 × Revolutionary carpentry tool